Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Time for Updates Tuesday!

Hey everyone! I hope everyone survived Monday and is having a GREAT start to their week! Tuesdays at Mama Made Gifts are now "Time for Updates Tuesdays" that means you get updated on what happened in my world over the weekend, updates on new products, specials, and other information about stuff going on with the shop!

First of all this past weekend was HOT HOT HOT!!! Oh my goodness, our air conditioner in our house is old and by old I mean approximately 24 years old (PHEW ancient I know lol) makes me feel like a dinosaur but that probably is pretty old for an A.C. unit, anyway what that means is it doesn't hold the charge that it needs to actually cool for long anymore, leaving our house feeling like an OVEN this past weekend! Luckily we managed to survive with the use of 5 fans and a little help from our peanut's pool! Hubby had to work Saturday so that left this weekend feeling not only HOT but extremely short!! Still, it was a good weekend, we got to spend some time with friends Friday and spent the rest of it relaxing trying to stay cool and beat the heat! This weekend is not only father's day, but it's hubby's birthday so it will be a fun busy weekend! 


I received a message on etsy recently asking me if I could make a bumble bee theme baby shower game. Of course I said I could, and I am glad she suggested this idea because I absolutely adore how the bee turned out and love how the game sheet looks as well! Sadly I haven't heard back from her yet as to if she likes it and wants to order or not, but I guess at least it resulted in me having a new critter and new product for the shop!
 Here it is! Like I said I am pretty much in love with how it turned out and it can obviously work for either a boy or girl just by switching the blue lettering and boxes with pink! I plan on working on thank-you cards and invitations with the bee theme! My creativity seems to be coming back to me for a while, hopefully it stays!!

The fact that the woman that asked me to do this hasn't responded brings me to my next topic of today's blog post. I am a very trusting person I guess when it comes to my work and sending out proofs of products and such, which unfortunately has brought the fact I could be getting "ripped off" so to speak to my attention. People may very well like my products and not want to pay for them, so now I will be implementing the use of WATERMARKS. It will take me a while to get all of the photos watermarked, but in the near future when you look at my shop all products will have watermarks on them of course when a customer purchases an item the watermark will be removed, but I have come to the realization that I have to protect my work!

Don't forget about THANK-YOU THURSDAY this week! Place an order on Thursday and receive a $ 5.00 gift certificate in your package with your order.
Also in honor of Father's Day this weekend use the coupon code DAD12 for 15% off your total order!

Well I'm off to work on making some more new products and get to putting watermarks on my products and update the shop! I will be checking back in soon!!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

NEW POST! Nearly a month later, I'm posting!

To all of my followers, sorry that I haven't posted in a while but May was a BUSY BUSY month and June is shaping up to be just as busy!

Anyway, May like I said was incredibly busy! First we had Mother's day weekend, I got treated to going to the zoo with hubby and daughter and on Mother's day we had both moms down for a grill out! My first mother's day was GREAT! Good food, and good times spent with GREAT family!
The weekend after that was our daughter's 1st birthday! I absolutely can't believe that a year has flown by already but anyway as you can imagine I was crazy busy preparing for that! Cupcakes, sandwich trays, sides, decorations, cleaning busy busy busy preparation time for this mommy!
Then we moved on to Memorial Day weekend, which was filled with friends, family and fun up at my parents lake! I even got to lay out and get some color while we were up there and hubby got to do some fishing!
So needless to say, May was packed full of activities and not much time to be online blogging  or updating my shop or anything! Not that I'm complaining at ALL I had a blast every weekend of last month and it's nice to get a break from working on orders!
While I was enjoying my break from orders however and taking a small etsy break, I got several orders including one HUGE one!! I will tell you now it is a great feeling to get orders and have people want your products but this last order has been kicking my butt! I just got it done and in the mail! PHEW!! 50 invitations, 50 diaper raffles, and 30 thank-you cards and it was a completely custom animal and design love how it turned out but I was glad to see it go into the mail! So very worth it though and I hope the customer loves it!! And now thanks to her order, I have a new critter to add to the gang!
Meet the Pink Leopard!
Isn't she cute!? I adore how she turned out and love how she looks on the invites and thank-yous!
Anyway, as I said June is going to be a pretty BUSY month as well so if you don't hear from me please don't think I am just not into keeping up with my customers or anything! It is my hubby's birthday weekend after this as well as father's day and our wedding reception is at the end of the month!
Please check out my shop on etsy 

I will be updating and adding products back to it!
Thanks so much for checking in!!
Family trip to a mopar car show recently!
Hope that everyone has a GREAT weekend!!