Wednesday, July 18, 2012

More HMC in July promotion!

Happy Wednesday to everyone!! We made it through the day and we can nearly see the weekend!! Phew!! First of all I would just like to share how excited I am about the recent sales that I've had!! :) I've had several sales in a row *knock on wood* I am absolutely LOVING the sales fairy visiting my shop!! Also I had my first over seas sale!! That's pretty exciting too!! My sale that I got from Australia was a custom order for a baby shower game and she asked for a pirate theme, I had thought about creating pirate themed items and just hadn't done it yet so this order pushed me to do it and I'm glad that I did!! I have a great new image option for future orders!!

This is the final product! A personalized pirate themed baby shower game!!

The pirate ship!

 Okay on to the HMC Christmas in July sale promotion! I said in my post yesterday that in my upcoming posts I will be picking 5 shops each post to feature so here we go for today!

Paper Pastiche

There you have it!! My choices of 5 shops to promote today and of course as always please visit my shop as well at

I am off to update and try to organize my shop! Until tomorrow!! And don't forget, tomorrow is Thank-You THURSDAY at Mama Made Gifts!! Place an order tomorrow and get a gift certificate for 5 dollars off of your next purchase!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oh my goodness it's been a while!

Let me start off first by saying OH MY GOODNESS has it ever been a while since I have gotten on here and posted!! I will try my best to do better about posting updates more often! This past month got hectic in a BIG old hurry!! It started off at the end of last month, my husband and I had our actual wedding last fall, but we wanted a summer wedding reception bonfire get together so the last weekend in June we had that.  The weeks before the reception were NUTS! My mom and I made all the decorations and every other little aspect of the reception so needless to say it was a little crazy and I certainly didn't really have time to be posting on here or tending to my etsy shop really at all!  From there we went directly into 4th of July and recovering from the reception!! Shortly after that we had some family drama that resulted in me not really feeling like getting online to do much of anything. Now finally things seem to be settling down enough that I have been able to get some orders done and will be shipping them off and now I really need to tend to getting my etsy shop back in order updating this site more often and getting back into the swing of things!

Now I would like to mention a GREAT sale event that I am involved in along with so many other great etsy shops! Handmade Circle's Christmas In July sales event!! With this sales event you can save anywhere from 10-35% off just by using the universal coupon code HMCJULY, the discounts vary from shop to shop!! Over the next few posts I will be featuring 5 of the shops involved in the sale to help promote everyone!! 

Round 1 of Handmade Circle Christmas In July Sales Event Shops!

There are my shop promotions for the day! We are half way through the week and I know personally I CAN'T wait for the weekend!! It has been so very very warm here, I guess it's supposed to cool down tomorrow and Thursday and then be hot again so I'm hoping for the chance to go for a family trip to the beach again!! We went last weekend and our little peanut absolutely LOVED the water and daddy helping her build sand castles! It was an absolute blast!

Well I think I will head off to try to update and organize Mama Made's facebook page as well as my shop! I will post again tomorrow with more shops from the sales event!! Until then!