Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mama Made is goin to a craft show!!

That's right!! I'm taking my company Mama Made Gifts to a local craft show! Hopefully this will be a great way to get my name out there and with a little luck hopefully sell some products! I feel like I have been pounding the internet pavement so to speak I have had some of my products on ebay, craigslist, advertised through different groups on facebook and haven't been able to get much attention or generate much interest. I feel like people would really be into what I make, I  just need to find a way to get my name and creations out there and hopefully the craft show will be it!! I'm super excited, my mom is going with me and she has YEARS of craft sale experience so it'll be a huge help and a great support system to have her there with me! Until then just busily trying to get my wits about me think of all that I need and get stuff ready for March 3rd!! I am creating some more creatures to add to the graphic options so check back soon!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Babyshower/ Children's Birthday Thank You Cards

A cute way to say thank-you!! I am currently working on other thank-yous as well as different kinds of invitations so eventually you could have a whole matched theme set!!
 Some examples of the thank-yous that I have done so far! Each design will come in a set of 12 they are 5.25x7 and are folded over blank on the inside and back with design on the front. Selling for 9.00 per set, if you buy more than one set will sell every one after the first for half the price.
More designs to come!! Keep checking back! :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Personalized Room Decor!

Personalized Nursery Greeting/ Personalized Childrens Room Decorations

Personalize your child's room or a new baby's nursery with a personalized greeting decoration!
These signs are ready to frame printed on 8.5x11 photo paper. You choose one graphic from the selection shown as well as the font that you would like me to use. Provide me with the child's name and your mailing address and I can ship them to you! They're $5.00 plus shipping which comes to a total of $7.00
So if you would like to order you need to provide me with:
Which graphic you want
The font you would like me to use
Child's Name
Your mailing address

I accept paypal payments
Examples of the signs:

The image options, please either say the animal or the letter next to the animal when ordering, and the font choices, please just give me the number of the font you would like me to use!
Thank you!

Welcome to Mama Made Gifts!
Who doesn't love a personalized gift!? I am a graphic designer and have decided to take my creativity and love of arts and put them towards designing graphics that people can personalize and give as gifts or get for themselves or family! Ranging from graphic pieces to other crafts I hope to offer a good variety of cute personal crafts and decorations for you to add to your home decor!!