The Mama Behind Mama Made Prints & Stitches

So... this is me quite some time ago now, lol a few years not that I really look that much different now, hair is a little shorter but other than that as far as looks go I really don't think I've changed. However a LOT of things in my life have changed since this picture was taken that's for sure! 
Now you have to understand, that I am a pretty private person and I don't really like the idea of broadcasting my family or my family's going ons, pictures, what have you on the internet but several people have pointed out to me that if I am going to try to run my little business that I need to seem friendly and open because we all tend to buy or want to buy from people that we feel like we have some sort of connection to, so here I go... I will give you a glimpse into the mama behind mama made gifts

When I say I have had a lot happen in my life since the above picture was taken, what I mean is I got pregnant, engaged, bought a house, had the most AMAZING beautiful baby girl, and got married all in that order too! So needless to say, my full time job is being a mommy and a wife and I absolutely love it! When I get small breaks from my mommy and wife job, I am the owner of and designer at Mama Made Gifts!

These 2 are the fur balls of our family, and no I don't mean my wonderful husband who helped me torture the cat with bunny ears lol, the black and white one which now that I'm looking at this picture looks much skinnier than he does now is Piper and the poor harassed orange one with the bunny ears is Rosco

And this is my amazing little family, my wonderful husband and the little girl that stole my heart, I didn't know that it was humanly possible to love someone so much until I had her. I know that sounds cheesy but it's true!

A little about me... I went to college for graphic design, once graduated I struggled finding a job in my field, then I met my now husband and well I told you how quickly and drastically my life has changed (I am not complaining one bit, wouldn't trade what I have for the world) so now I am trying to use my graphic design skills to help make a little bit of income with Mama Made Gifts!

So there you have it, you have had a little glimpse into this mama's life!

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