Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blog Neglect!! Sorry!

I realize that I haven't posted on the website in quite some time!! Mainly because I have just been kind of taking a step back from my shop for a few weeks enjoying time with my family and duties as a full time stay at home mommy and wife!! The other reason I will admit is because I wasn't really getting many views on my etsy shop, no more sales, couldn't sell any items on ebay and I was just feeling so very discouraged and was considering removing my shop and just calling it quits on selling my products all together. I know that sounds pretty childish of me, but I was incredibly frustrated!! Anyway for whatever reason *don't know why but I hope it continues* my shop has been getting more views and I have had 6 sales within that past 2 days! It's AMAZING and gives you a great feeling to know that your hard work is actually paying off!!

Yep the sales fairy visited Mama Made Gifts!! Hopefully I don't jinx myself! I would love for it to continue like this, it's perfect just enough work and income to keep me busy and bring in a little bit of extra money but it doesn't interfere with mommy duties and spending time with my family!

As well as having sales in my etsy shop, I have taken some of my items to a children's consignment shop around where my parents live! That's pretty exciting hopefully they will grab attention and sell! It seems like it would be the perfect environment for my products so hopefully I'm right!

And this June I am going to a baby fair! I don't know if I had mentioned that in a previous post or not, but like selling items in a children's consignment shop I feel like the baby fair will be more my target market than the average craft show goer! Hopefully that turns out well!!

Well anyway, just wanted to pop in and post seeing how I hadn't in quite some time, let ya'll know that I'm still around haha and now I have new ambition and I am actually excited about my etsy shop and creating products again! Lets hope that the good luck in sales and such continues!!

Talk to everyone again soon and thanks for reading!!


  1. Congratulations on your sales! I know things have really been slow on Etsy...I haven't had a sale in a while. The important thing is to just keep plugging along and the sales will evenutally come:)Just have to stay positive!

  2. It is hard when you are your own boss & are responsible for keeping employee morale up! You have been coming up with great new ideas; it's wonderful that people are finally beginning to notice. Keep it up!!

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