Monday, April 23, 2012

Oh good grief!.......

OH GOOD GRIEF!!! I haven't posted on here since last Monday!! Goodness, I'm falling behind a bit on my blogging! I had been pretty busy this past week trying to get things ready for the craft show that I was in on Sunday. Even though I worked on getting stuff ready all week, it still seemed as if the majority of the work came down to Saturday all day and into a good chunk of the night! Why is that?!? You work so hard at not having a million things to do last minute yet you're still running around like a chicken with your head cut off come the day before! I didn't go to bed until sometime after 3 in the morning and had to be up by a little after 6 so that didn't leave much time for sleeping!! Holy crap was I ever tired after we got back yesterday and apparently I was still catching up today!
Anyway, the craft show... ugh where to start... the traffic as far as customers goes was quite a bit better than the first show that we went to, it seemed like there was normally a pretty steady flow most of the time but it still resulted in absolutely NO sales!! People walk by look at the stuff, pick it up, say how cute it is or that it's such a good idea and put it down and walk away or worse yet ask questions say they will be back and disappear never to be seen again. Now I know that sounds whiney of me, like I'm complaining but it is really quite frustrating when you stay up late into the night (my own fault I know) the night before get up at the butt crack of dawn and sit on your kaboose all day and have noooooo sales. Another learning experience you say... I suppose yes, a good way to at least get your company's name around... yes quite a few people did come by and take a card, BUT frustrating, tiring, and it makes a person begin to wonder if what they're selling is even marketable. While sitting with my mom at the show all day, we have come to the conclusion that my products certainly appeal to a very specific crowd and just don't go over that well with your average craft show going group! 60 something year old ladies don't need baby shower items or children's party invitations. Which has led me to 2 thoughts. First there is a baby fair at a highschool in June that I am now going to be attending, hopefully that will be the PERFECT target market for me and sales will go better! *cross our fingers* Secondly, Mama Made Gifts is expanding the product line. I am going to start to make things that include adult event invitations, wedding items, adult party invitation, bachelorette party items, things like that, maybe it will add to my market and gain me some more sales. The little kid and baby items will ALWAYS be first to me and will continue to be what I have the most of being that my little princess is the whole inspiration behind my shop and doing this, but if I add some other items hopefully it will gain new viewers and SHOPPERS!!
 This is me at the craft show looking all busy! LOL For those of you that have seen a picture of me before I had a bit longer than shoulder length hair so... notice the new "do" :) I decided it was time for a change of looks!! I am hopefully getting it highlighted sometime soon too this mama deserves to look good!
Well, craft show is over *PHEW* next up is my daughter's birthday and then on to our summer wedding reception! Hubby and I got married last fall but wanted our reception in the summer so here it is sneaking up on us!! So now I will get to work on some new items, promoting myself on etsy (which I am still trying to get used to, I don't like the whole self plugging thing) Keep checking back for new items, and be sure to check the etsy shop!


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