Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Completely OVER DUE Post and Update!

Hey guys!  I know this post is COMPLETELY over due considering I said that I was going to make a post to the site this last Thursday and just never got around to it! Lots of new things at Mama Made Gifts, including a new product that one of my closest friends encouraged me to make! Our little one has come down with a cold so most of my time today and probably over the next few days will be spent cuddling and playing trying to make little bit feel better! Then of course this weekend is Easter weekend so you probably won't hear a lot from me this weekend but I'm here now to tell you about the new stuff! First of all, the product that a friend encouraged me to make...
Photo Prop Onsie Stickers!

 Like I said one of my closest friends (also has a new little one) sent me a text yesterday saying that she had gone online and spent quite a bit of money for a sheet of 12 round stickers to stick on a onsie according to baby's month so you could take a picture. She said that she though I should try selling them so this is what we ended up with! These come in sets of 12, obviously 1 sticker for each month of your baby's first year. They are printed on matte sticker paper so that you can stick them to any onsie for the pictures and afterwards pull it off without permanently altering the clothing! I have sets for the first and second year for both boys and girls. The stickers are approximately 4 inches perfect for the front of a onsie. A GREAT and CUTE way to create memorable month to month photos of your little one.
They can even be personalized so for example if you wanted that to happen the sticker would look the same except for on the top it would say your child's name
I.E. "Dixie's"
$12.00 per set plus shipping and tax

Well it looks like mommy duties call and I have to do some cuddling so I will have to do another update tomorrow with more new stuff!

Happy Wednesday to all!!

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