Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Friday and Happy Easter Weekend to all!!

Happy Friday!

We have once again made it to the WEEKEND! You wouldn't think that would be such a huge deal for a stay at home mom, but for me the weekend means I get to relax with my little one and husband! Not to mention he got stuck working Saturday last weekend so it felt like we didn't have much of a weekend at all... anyway this weekend is of course as you all know Easter weekend!! Can't wait for the Easter bunny to visit our little one and to have ham and scalloped potatoes and green bean casserole! YUM! 

Yesterday, a fellow Etsian and friend made at my first craft show recommended that my Etsy shop be part of a promotion showcase. A huge thank-you to Christa at Makin' it mama, though no sales have been a result of this yet it got my shop tons of views and lots of love! I am remaining positive and hopeful that I will start to get sales sometime soon it would certainly make me feel better and know that what I'm doing is going to pay off. As my mom pointed out it is hard to look at something you make and think hmm does someone else like it because if I made it, that obviously means I like it, doesn't mean that others will love it for sure. That's why I am trying to come up with new products and always thinking of other things to make. As I said in my last post, I have created monthly onsie stickers for new babies. A friend suggested them to me and I think they are a great idea! I have sets for girls and boys and for the first 2 years of baby's life. Each set is $12.00 plus shipping and tax. I also made a set of mommy to be belly bump stickers that are week to week, a great way to create a photo memory of your ever growing bump! They are $8.00 for a set

The little bit of time that I spent on the computer today was spent revamping my Etsy shop, this is a constant on going project but I retook pictures of my thank-you cards and spruced them up and updated my shop. Now I'm down to just a few product images that I need to fix still. My shop is on the list in the Handmade Circle team to get some constructive opinions. Hopefully that will help give me an idea as to why everyone looks but nobody has bought yet!

Well it is getting late and tomorrow will be an earlier day and possibly a bit of a crafty shopping trip so I better be off. I will update you again soon! For now here are some update pictures for you to look at!
Please come look at my Etsy shop at or visit my facebook page at

2nd year month-month photo prop onsie stickers

NEW members of the creature choice group! A boy blue giraffe and a girl pink lion!

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