Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Website Overhaul!

Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a good start to the week, heck we're already to Wednesday! Hopefully the rest of the week will continue to cruise by. Being a stay at home mom, it's not like I have any grueling 9-5 job that I just dread going to during the week (thank goodness I love my job <3) but I still get anxious for the weekend! Plus I have a pretty fun Saturday night to look forward to! 

Anyway... We survived Easter, haha maybe survived isn't the way to put it, it's not like we had a bunch of family things to go to or anything, we had a very relaxing holiday at home I'm just glad I didn't burn the first ham I've cooked and that everything turned out pretty good! Plus our little princess absolutely loved looking for little treasures around the living room even though she doesn't understand the whole Easter bunny thing yet.

As some of you may have noticed (I hope you all have noticed it was a pretty major change) the website has had somewhat of an overhaul! I changed the background to something a bit more fitting and crafty, overall I just think it looks better than it did before, also I added more pages to my site so be sure to check them out! The product showcase page is still a work in progress so bare with me while I get that finished!

I just took new pictures of my pink giraffe baby shower party set, I think it looks much better now!

 Well, I think that's all for tonight! Check back in soon!!

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