Sunday, March 25, 2012


Good afternoon to everyone! I have created 2 new additions to the group of creatures to pick from for various products!! Inspired by our own little monkey and a few of her shirts, I decided to create some monkeys!! It seems that I see a lot of jungle themed nurseries and have noticed quite a few people that have had jungle themed baby showers and such so I thought I should add these guys!

 I think they turned out pretty good! I will get to work trying to make some invitations or a nursery greeting with them so that we can see what they look like on products!! Hope that everyone had a GREAT weekend! Mine has been good but is going entirely too fast! Even for hubby having a 3 day weekend it's going too fast! Anyway, off to hang out with the family and work on creating some products with these guys! Be sure to check back soon!!

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