Thursday, March 22, 2012

T.G.I. umm well... at least Thursday is close to Friday right!?

Oh my, thank goodness the weekend is within sight!! You would think, nice weather being able to hang with my peanut outside and play all day what could be better and why on earth would I be so desperate for the weekend... this week would have been fine had I not gotten hit by some cold err flu or whatever the heck it is from I am not even kidding hell! Saturday afternoon both my mom and I started feeling kind of blah with sore throats and slight coughs, come Sunday and Monday all bets were off!! The sore throat and cough turned into body aches, a fever, feeling like I could pass out and included a nose that was both runny and stuffed up at the same time as well as the dang sore throat and cough that started it all! Now Thursday I am hopefully *KNOCK ON WOOD* starting to recover!! I seriously felt like death on Monday and I'm pretty sure I probably looked like it too!! There is no way this was a cold it had to be some sort of flu bug and I wouldn't wish it upon ANYONE!! I am just praying that our princess misses it! She has so far and so has my hubby so hopefully he continues to feel healthy and stays in the clear! Phew!! Anyway on to the stuff that this blog is about, lol not my health and complaining and trials and tribulations! 
I just finished 2 new birthday party invitations! The pink elephant ones could be made for any age, I just have 1 on there to start out with! That's the great thing about my products they can ALWAYS be personalized or customized just to you!! 
First up, the pink elephant birthday invitations. These are great for any little elephant enthusiast! Like I said when ordering you just have to tell me what age you would like on the invitation and it's as easy as that! They are 6 inches wide and 4 inches tall, they come with envelopes in sets of 10 for $9.00 plus tax and shipping

 I have more pictures of them on facebook and etsy for whatever the computer or perhaps this site has gotten a bug up its rear end and wants to load the other 2 pictures sideways and I don't know how to fix it... lol if anyone does please let me know!! Anyway I feel like I should also tell you these are just flat invitations like a postcard nothing on the other side and there is no inside obviously if I said they were like a post card there is no inside. Please don't think you are purchasing a folded invitation! I could make folded ones for you if that's what you'd like, don't hesitate in asking!!
Secondly, I decided to broaden my products slightly and made a birthday invitation for an older age. I made a diva sweet 16 invitation. These are 4 inches wide and 6 inches tall they too come with envelopes and come in a set of 10 for $9.00 plus tax and shipping

 Just like the other invitations these too are flat and don't have an inside or anything on the back.
I know I mentioned in posts past that I am attending my 2nd craft show on April 22nd. It's the Huge Spring Bazzar in Shakopee, MN so if you're in the area or the weather is nice and you're looking for something to do please stop by and check the show out!!
 With that being said, I am busily trying to crank out multiples of products and create new fresh products for the show so keep checking back to see what is new and going on with Mama Made! Between the craft show and trying to get a start on etsy I am constantly thinking of new things!!
Anyway I think that's enough for now happy Thursday to everyone and if I don't get back on here until after the weekend I hope you all have a GREAT weekend!! I think a little grilling is in store for this mama and family so long as the weather allows it!!

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