Monday, March 12, 2012

Yet another product update - Giraffe Baby Shower Party Set

I have created the 1st of hopefully quite a few party sets. The first is this giraffe baby shower set, but I hope to make other baby shower sets as well as children's birthday sets!

These sets can either be printed yourself, or I can print them off for you and ship them to you. Pricing varies depending on which option you decide to do. This party set comes with personalized invitations, thank-you cards, water bottle labels which can be personalized as well, cupcake toppers, and matching gift tags. Within 48 hours I will send you a proof of the items that have been personalized. Once you approve my proof, if you choose to print them off yourself, I will send you both jpeg files as well as the pdf file with as many of each item as I can fit on a page, completely ready so all you will have to do is push print! If you choose to have me print them and ship them to you, I will get to work on printing designated amounts of each item and ship them withing 48 hours after your approval.

DIY method- You can print as many invitations, thank-you's, cupcake toppers, labels as you want! $20.00 plus tax

Mama Made Gifts prints for you method- If you choose that I print your items for you the standard set comes with:
10 thank-you cards
10 invitations
20 cupcake toppers
20 water bottle labels
10 gift tags
$35.00 plus tax and shipping
Please note that all of these items are sold individually as well so if you need more of a certain matching item you can add that to your order as well. 

Keep checking back for new updates on products, sales, craft shows and more!
Print as many as you like if you choose to print it yourself, if you have me print and ship they come in a set of 10

Again print as many as needed if you are printing, if I am printing and shipping a set of 20

The set minus the gift tags - note gift tags look exactly like cupcake topper

Cupcake topper also come in a set of 20 unless you print yourself

Like the thank-yous these come in a set of 10 unless you are printing them yourself then print as many as you like
The gift tags aren't pictured, but they are exactly like the cupcake toppers and can say "A gift for you" or "Thanks for Coming"
Until next time!!

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