Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cha cha cha changes!!...

Hey everyone I know it has been quite a little while since I posted last time been a little busy with other things as well as just plain not really being in a blogging mood! But hopefully some changes I am planning on making to my shop will help get my motivation back!
Anyway... After seeing the title of this post and me mentioning shop changes you may by now be wondering what kind of changes is she talking about... Well I will answer you!
Mama made gifts will be turning into more of a digital file print it yourself type of shop. I enjoy making printed products it has just gotten too costly what with the price of ink and other materials so I have decided in order to keep my shop open I am going to try my hand at offering mainly digital files! Now does this mean I won't take print orders and ship them still?... Absolutely not! I am still more than happy to take printed order requests they will just be slightly higher in price as opposed to the digital file orders. I will also be changing my turn around time on such printed orders being that I am not always able to get items printed and shipped in under 2 days!
So my plan for today as I can between playing with our peanut and trying to do some housework is to try to get my shop updated and everything back in order and under control!
In other non shop related news we had a great time on vacation the race was a blast and it was a great time with family! So hard to leave our peanut for that time though! Now we are looking forward to a fun family labor day weekend at the lake! Oh did I mention that it's HOT!! Holy cow!!! We had some almost fall like weather the past few weeks which was nice and now mother nature has snapped back the other way and is hot!! Phew! I worked up a sweat just walking to the mailbox!!
Well I am off to try to regain order of my shop! Check Facebook for more news and updates and I will be sure to post again soon!!
- Mama

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  1. I think the digital file is a great idea. All the time spent printing, cutting, preparing for mailing, etc. can be used for creating new designs instead!!