Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ugh! Sick...Sick...Sick!!

Hey everyone!! Thank goodness that I am not having to make a speech to you guys or actually use my voice because quite honestly I don't have much of one!! This past weekend, my little family had a GREAT labor day weekend up at my parent's place on the lake but unfortunately we've all ended up with a cold!!! And OH MY GOSH apparently it has been a while since I had a cold because this one is certainly kicking my BUTT! Anyway enough with my complaining, and on to my post!!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful labor day weekend! It was so good to have a long weekend with the fam but labor day to me always means the end of summer. I am such a summer person... let me rephrase that... I absolutely LOVE fall too, I just dread what comes after the fall!! I hate winter! I dislike being cold more than anything and I hate driving in snow, I am a big baby and turn into somewhat of a grandma when I have to drive in winter conditions!

I am still working on regaining control over my shop and adding more of the digital file listings to it but so far I have had 3 orders that were printable/digital orders and I have to say that I love doing those!! I have absolutely NO problem doing orders that I have to print and ship but it is so so so nice to be able to spend a bit of time personalizing or making a custom order and not having to worry about printing it and shipping it, plus I love that the customer gets their order almost immediately!!

I just "shipped" a print it yourself order for baby shower games and diaper raffle tickets that were a custom order she wanted to have made to match her already purchased invitations here is what I came up with and I'm pretty proud of them!!

I also made the first of more to come Halloween Party invitations! I am going to be part of the Handmade Circle Halloween Spooktacular sale coming up so I am trying to add some fall and holiday items!!
I absolutely love it myself!! I am going to create more Halloween critters and more products so stay tuned!! Also check back in for more details on the upcoming sale!!

Well if I intend on beating this darn cold that I have acquired I better get some rest! I am going to work on updating my shop some more I think and will check back in soon!! Oh and did I mention tomorrow is already Wednesday!!! Happy mid-week to all!!!

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