Monday, December 3, 2012

Blogging blank-out!

Hey everyone!! I know it has been quite some time since I posted, I kept saying that I would post and then just never got to it, plus although I have had a lot going on, I just haven't really had anything to blog to you guys about!!

I hope everyone is having a GREAT holiday season!! I know that Thanksgiving at our house was a lot of fun! Lots of great company and good food!! Lets just say that I won't feel the need to eat turkey for quite some time now! Yikes!! I love having our families over to our house for Thanksgiving but oh my goodness I get tired of the leftovers in just a very few days!! There are only so many meals you can eat turkey in a row!

With that said, onward to Christmas!! The weekend after Thanksgiving we got our Christmas decorations out! I absolutely LOVE decorating for Christmas!! The tree is up and looks so pretty, lights spread around here and there stockings hung, and my fabulous husband even put lights up outside this year!

The weekend before Thanksgiving, I did a holiday craft show with my mom! She too has an Etsy shop W&W Crafts! My dad cuts out the wood crafts and my mom paints them
Anyway like I was saying, we did a holiday craft show together which went pretty well short of us almost freezing to death (they had the air on!!) My mom sold quite a few crafts which was exciting and I found out that my knit headbands are a big hit!! I also sold my first ruffle scarf which was exciting!

Well for now, I have several orders that I need to get off to the post office and seeing how it's a decent day here today temperature wise I think I will head out and get something accomplished!! I will try to post again soon with some product and shop updates!! 

Talk with you all soon!

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