Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wishing EVERYONE a VERY Happy New Year!!

Hey there everybody!! Are you all surviving all of the holiday happenings!? I know that my family certainly had a busy but VERY fun and enjoyable Christmas!! We had our get together with my side of the family the weekend before Christmas which was a blast! Kind of quiet compared to years past but it was just as much fun as it always is and hey the people that came are the people that you want around in your life right!? The people that were TOO busy to make time or what not... well your loss!! We had a BLAST!

This was the first year that we have been home for Christmas eve, in hopes of starting some of our own family holiday traditions!! We went out for a family dinner and came home to relax and of course SANTA had to come visit our little peanut! That was the highlight of the holiday for me, seeing her come out Christmas morning to presents under the tree and getting so excited! 

We also then went to my husband's sides Christmas get together. From my understanding it was the first time in quite some time that they had got together on his dad's side for the holiday so that was pretty cool to see and a fun time! Unfortunately by the time we went to that, I think we were all feeling pretty darn tired!!  That's the problem with the holiday season, all the rush rush rush before, the getting ready, shopping, cooking, parties wears you out but still it is SO very enjoyable to spend time with family!

Now on to the New Year!! I know personally I have a few resolutions that I would like to stick to... I got a Zumba game for the Xbox for Christmas so I know that I would like to have a resolution to work out at least 3 times a week for a little bit each time, as well as I am going to try to cut back on POP!!! I drink way way way too much pop (pepsi to be exact!) Several years ago I made it my resolution to cut pop out entirely after a few weeks of WICKED headaches and feeling pretty darn crappy I was down to drinking none, I don't know that I'm going quite to that extreme this time, but I am definitely going to try to cut down on it!  

Mama Made Gifts is also making a resolution... to keep you guys updated more often, make more blog posts, update my shop more often and keep products new and fresh!

Speaking of which, now that we have officially hit the winter solstice (do the days seem any longer to you!?!) I am going to start adding some new knit items to my shop that don't seem quite so wintery! That's not to say you can't still order hats, mittens, scarves, what have you but I just think it's time to add some more light weight things as well. My lacy infinity scarf was the start of this. You can view it in my shop here:

I also plan on making baby blankets as well as several other ideas that I have found patterns for, please keep checking back for updates!  I plan to bring back more graphic design items as well!! I have kind of been on a little break from the graphic items due to a lack of creativity as well as really wanting to knit, but now the itch to do some design work on the computer is starting to come back so expect to see some new graphic items as well!!

Well I think I have blabbed on enough here, the main point to this post was to a.) update you since I hadn't made a post since the beginning of December and b.) to wish you all a VERY Happy New Year!! Please have fun and celebrate but be careful and be responsible!! Keep checking back for more updates, new items and a CLEAN look to my shop!!

Until next post!


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