Monday, January 28, 2013

A New Monday Beginning of the Week Post!

Happy Monday to everyone!! I hope you all had a great weekend, I know that I haven't posted for a week or so and didn't get to some of the posts I was thinking I would but with some family things going on and my birthday being this past weekend, and every day life it just gets busy! I had an interesting but good weekend!
I will fill you all in on the basics of why my weekend was interesting! As I said my birthday was Sunday of this past weekend. My daughter husband and myself had made plans to go up to my parents Saturday morning and go out with some of my friends Saturday night and then to dinner with my parents on Sunday. Well Saturday morning my dad had a major health scare which resulted in him being rushed to the hospital. He had surgery today and is resting comfortably and will be okay but he certainly had us all worried! Needless to say it made the weekend a little more hectic and we ended up just staying in at my parents house with friends so we could hang out with my mom and she could get some sleep as well. Sunday we intended on going to visit my dad in the hospital and then have dinner with mom. Mother nature however had different plans. We were hit by a winter storm that resulted in a gross combo of both ice and snow so mom got us on the road to go home hoping that we would get home before most of the weather hit. We made it safely, had some interesting road conditions but we made it. Gotta love mid-western winters I guess haha! But as I said, even with all the chaos of the weekend, I still had a good weekend and a great birthday!!
With all that said!! Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and I have added some new Valentine's Day products to the shop!

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, it not only brings these holiday items into my shop, it also brings the Handmade Circle Team's Valentine's Day Promotional Sales Event!
What is this you ask!? Well a group of lovely shops (including mine) are running this promotional sale starting today, there are all sorts of fabulous sales going on during this sale shops are using the universal coupon code HMCLOVE for various discounts!
My shops discount is 15% off of your order if you use coupon code HMCLOVE during checkout

Well, I am off to finish up an order and make some dinner!! Check back in on Wednesday for the mid week check in!


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