Monday, January 14, 2013

It's Monday that means time for the Beginning of the week Blog Post!!

Hey guys and happy Monday! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend! Such a shame that the weekends fly by so fast isn't it!?!  This Mama had a good weekend with her family, a good weekend to STAY IN!! It is so darn cold out here! I guess living where we do I should be used to it but I just don't ever get used to it, brrrrrrrr!! I went grocery shopping last night and just about froze myself to death just getting my goodies into the car! Anyway enough of my complaining about the weather!

This blog post marks the start of something new for me... I have printed off a blog planner! This will hopefully allow and encourage me to sit down on the Friday before the upcoming week and plan out several different blog posts rather than struggling to come up with something on the spot and feeling like if I can't come up with anything right then and there I should just not post. This will hopefully bring you a more steady flow of posts to keep updated with Mama Made Gifts! I plan on doing 3 posts a week and here is kind of my plan for what they will be like.

Monday- Beginning of the Week Blog Post! I intend for these to be a check in to the start of the work week for me, I have also decided to run discount sales every other week or every couple of weeks so this blog post will always include those sale items as well as any upcoming promotions or coupon codes for the next week.

Wednesday- Mid-Week Check In! This will just be a mid week check in, I will include any new happenings, promotions, any new updates or products will be coming to you in these posts.

Friday- Fridays are going to be FAN PAGE Friday! For every 10 new blog followers/subscriptions I get I will do a raffle to give away a gift certificate and this also goes for if I reach 150 fans on facebook. I will also include other updates before the weekend in this post!

So being that this is the first OFFICIAL Beginning of the week Blog Post

Mama Made Gifts is having it's first discount sale! These sales will happen every couple of weeks, no coupon code required as the items that are selected for the sale have already been discounted! 



Stay tuned for Wednesday's post which will include a coupon code for the Handmade Circle Team's Valentine's Day promotion! 

I will check back in with y'all Wednesday! 

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